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We provide dance classes for young children that capture the imagination, provide enjoyment in movement and teach basic technique which can be built on in the future. We ensure our classes are age appropriate and have logical progression so that the interest and imagination of the children is constantly engaged.


The structure, content and accompanying music of an early years dance programme is of key importance.

Tap dancing is an exciting, enjoyable form of dance that children can enjoy. Tap still features in many Broadway and West End  shows including the amazing 'Tap Dogs'. It's a fantastic way to develop a sense of rhythm and accuracy in dance whilst having loads of fun!

Musical theatre is a fun way to combine the skills that students have learnt in their dance classes with other important performance skills. Musical Theatre classes will work on the following:


  • Singing technique

  • Drama skills

  • Improvisation

  • Choreography

  • Confidence

  • Performance

  • Audition skills


Students will learn the art of combining singing, dance and drama into a seamless performance which they will then have the opportunity to showcase at organised productions & events.


We will use a variety of styles of music and dance including West End/Broadway, jazz, tap and pop.

Early Years Dance



Musical theatre - dance, singing and drama

Our dance classes

Classical ballet technique is the foundation of many forms of dance and is a vital component in establishing good technique in jazz, contemporary, modern and many other styles. The poise, control, strength, discipline and awareness that we aim to develop in our ballet students will be lifelong skills. All students are encouraged to include at least one ballet classes in their weekly timetable.

Street Dance is a fun and energetic dance form. You will work on isolations, development of choreography and various styles of Street Jazz, Commercial, Jazz & Modern.


We will use a variety of styles of music and dance including West End/Broadway, jazz, tap and pop.

Street Dance

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